Social Fabric Initiative - Youth Peace Leader Application

Part I: The Kroc IPJ and Social Fabric Initiative
As part of the University of San Diego's Kroc School, the Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice (Kroc IPJ) works together with peacemakers to develop powerful new approaches to end
cycles of violence, while advancing this learning locally and globally. The Social Fabric Initiative (SFI) is a program within Kroc IPJ that works to build more connected communities by mobilizing youth to engineer creative solutions to real-world issues. High school students work with university interns and mentors from the field to co-create community change projects. These groups, or Threads, present their final product at the Summit Event in August.

High school students, formally referred to as Volunteers and now known as Youth Peace Leaders, working with the Social Fabric Initiative for Summer 2019 will gain college and career-ready skills and experiences. Youth Peace Leaders will spend the summer designing, implementing and reflecting on a community change project while collaborating with a diverse team of peers over the course of the summer. Skills and real world experiences
include: project and budget management, human centered design, networking, growth and entrepreneurial mindsets, and leadership development.

The SFI Youth Peace Leader experience spans June, July and August and includes several mandatory dates for events, workshops, trainings and Thread meeting times. The commitment for SFI Youth Peace Leaders is approximately 10 hours a week for 10 weeks. 

In addition to completing this application form you will also need to upload the following documents:
  1. Cover letter/statement or video of interest
  2. One letter of recommendation
Should you have any questions, please contact Tina Medina at

Part II: Personal Information

Part III: Documents
Please upload the following documents: 

Please complete a statement of interest in the form of a video or written document.
We want to know what it is about SFI that interests you. What skills, experiences, knowledge or perspectives do you have to offer to the program? And what do you hope to gain in return? Lastly, how do you see SFI supporting your future goals?   

The video should be 2 minutes or less (submitted as a URL) and the written document should be 500 words or less.

Part IV: Scholarship Application
This scholarship is for youth leaders, peace innovators, and changemakers. It is not based on test scores, grades, extracurricular activities, or family income. We are interested in your passions! 

SFI is a 10 week program with a tuition of $1350. If the tuition is a hardship for you and your family, then please consider applying for scholarship! 

All you have to do is submit a video (2 minutes or less) and then tell us how much scholarship you need. In the video, tell us about your passion the best way you know how - a simple testimonial, interviews, a short film, an animation, or...? It doesn't have to be perfect - it just needs to be you.

The video should answer these three questions:
  1. What are your biggest passions?
  2. What is the driving force behind those passions?
  3. What kind of impact do you want to have on your community?
PLEASE NOTE: Although we prefer video, you can submit your scholarship application in written form if submitting a video is absolutely not possible for you.

Please only use numbers only (no $ , %, etc)